Chairman : Hon. Jay Kim

Vice-Chair: Dr. Yoon Shik Park

President: Dr. Chang H. Ahn

Vice-President: Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Board Members

Dr. Kwang Soo Cheong
Dr. Haeduck Lee
Dr. Tai Young Lee
Hae-Chan Park, Esq.
Dr. Richard Shin
Dr. David Y. Sohn
Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas
Yong Sang Kim
Dr. Hae-Duck Lee
Dr. Gwanhoo Lee

Advisory Council Members

Dr. Soon Paik
Dr. Hang Yul Rhee

Jennifer Ahn

Dr. Yoon Shik Park Dr. Chang H. Ahn Dr. Kawng Soo Cheong Hae-Chan Park, Esq. Dr. Soon Paik Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud Jennifer Ahn Dr. Tai Young Lee Dr. Sohn Dr. HaeDuck Lee YoungSang Kim

Dr. Hang Yul Rhee

Rhee, Hang Yul: (LL.B., College of Law, Seoul National University; M.A., Graduate Faculties, Columbia University; Ph.D., American University, Post-Doctoral Studies, Johns Hopkins University). In 2004, Dr. Rhee was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor of International Relations at Shepherd University, where he had served as chair of the Political Science Department from 1995-2004. Currently he is serving as chair of the governing board of the International Council of Korean Studies (ICKS). He is the former president of the Korean American University Professors Association (KAUPA), and was also president of the Association of Korean Political Studies in North America from 1989-1991. Before embarking on his academic career, he worked as a legal research fellow at The International Bar Association and also at the law firm of Debevoise, Plimpton, Lyons & Gates in New York City. He has been active in many civic organizations outside of the academic world. He was president of the Korean Student Federation in the United States while attending Columbia University in New York in 1963 and 1964. Since 1964, he has worked in many capacities for the Korean community in the United States. He contributed many articles and wrote columns for Cho Sun Il Bo and Han Kook Il Bo of Washington Editions. Dr. Rhee served as an advisor for the Advisory Council for Peaceful Reunification of Korea in the greater Washington, D.C. area from 1984-2002. In addition, he was president of the Seoul National University Alumni Association of the greater Washington area in 1992. As a result of his many contributions to the Korean community, he received the Presidential Medal of Honor from the Republic of Korea in 1998. Dr. Rhee started his teaching career at Clark University in Worchester, Massachusetts, in 1966 and 1967. While teaching at Shepherd, he also served as a representative and founding member of Faculty and Course Development in International Studies in the state of West Virginia from 1981 through 1996. This resulted in the Governor's Award for his effort. He has also received the National Endowment for Humanities Scholarship in 1978. His numerous articles have included contributions to Asian Forum, East Asia Journal, Korean and World Affairs, and Korean Observer. His book, Political Behavior of the Citizenry of Seoul: Opposition of the Party in Power, was published by Seoul Press. Dr. Rhee specializes in Korean unification issues, development theory, and political economics.