Chairman : Hon. Jay Kim

Vice-Chair: Dr. Yoon Shik Park

President: Dr. Chang H. Ahn

Vice-President: Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Board Members

Dr. Kwang Soo Cheong
Dr. Haeduck Lee
Dr. Tai Young Lee
Hae-Chan Park, Esq.
Dr. Richard Shin
Dr. David Y. Sohn
Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas
Yong Sang Kim
Dr. Hae-Duck Lee
Dr. Gwanhoo Lee

Advisory Council Members

Dr. Soon Paik
Dr. Hang Yul Rhee

Jennifer Ahn

Dr. Yoon Shik Park Dr. Chang H. Ahn Dr. Kawng Soo Cheong Hae-Chan Park, Esq. Dr. Soon Paik Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud Jennifer Ahn Dr. Tai Young Lee Dr. Sohn Dr. HaeDuck Lee YoungSang Kim

Dr. Kwang Soo CheongDr. Kwang Soo Cheong


Dr. Kwang Soo Cheong is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at the Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University. Previously he taught at Stanford University and the University of Hawaii. At the University of Hawaii, he also served as a faculty member of the Center for Korean Studies. Dr. Cheong received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Economics from Seoul National University in Korea, and his doctorate in Economics from Stanford University. His research areas include Public Finance, Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization, Income Distribution, and the Korean Economy. Dr. Cheong has been active in both scholarly and non-academic activities related to Korea. In the past, he was a visiting fellow at Korea Development Institute, and a member of the Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification of Korea, and the Secretary General of the Korea-America Economic Association. He is currently serving as a board member of the Washington Korean-American Forum, a board member and the Secretary General of the International Council on Korean Studies, and an Investment Fund Manager of the Korea-America Economic Association. Dr. Cheong has made many seminar and lecture presentations at various institutions and organizations in Korea, such as Audit and Inspection Research Institute of Korea, Korean Development Institute, Korea Economic Research Institute, Korea Fair Trade Commission, Korea Institute of Public Finance, Seoul National University, and the SK Research Institute. His scholarly works on Korea include the following publications:

Cheong, K. S. (2006). Distributional effects of personal income taxation in Korea. In D. Papadimitriou (ed.), The distributional effects of government spending and taxation. New York: Palgrave.

Cheong, K. S. (2001). Economic crisis and income inequality in Korea. Asian Economic Journal, 15(1), 39-60.

Cheong, K. S. (2000). Distributive inequality and demographic characteristics of the worker households in Korea: Long-term trends and changes after the economic crisis (research monograph written in Korean). Korea Development Institute.

Cheong, K. S., & Lee, C. H. (1997). Toward Korean unification: A policy proposal for investment in North Korea. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 2(2), 144-157.

Cheong, K. S. (1996). Macroeconomic effects of tax reform: A case study of Korean economy (research monograph written in Korean). Korea Development Institute.