Chairman : Hon. Jay Kim

Vice-Chair: Dr. Yoon Shik Park

President: Dr. Chang H. Ahn

Vice-President: Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Board Members

Dr. Kwang Soo Cheong
Dr. Haeduck Lee
Dr. Tai Young Lee
Hae-Chan Park, Esq.
Dr. Richard Shin
Dr. David Y. Sohn
Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas
Yong Sang Kim
Dr. Hae-Duck Lee
Dr. Gwanhoo Lee

Advisory Council Members

Dr. Soon Paik
Dr. Hang Yul Rhee

Jennifer Ahn

Dr. Yoon Shik Park Dr. Chang H. Ahn Dr. Kawng Soo Cheong Hae-Chan Park, Esq. Dr. Soon Paik Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud Jennifer Ahn Dr. Tai Young Lee Dr. Sohn Dr. HaeDuck Lee YoungSang Kim

Dr. HaeDuck Lee





Dr. Haeduck Lee is an international development expert with background in public economics, urban economics, poverty reduction, social development, public sector reform and change management. He received a BA degree in economics from Seoul National University in Korea, and an MA and Ph.D. degrees in economics from Syracuse University in the USA.

He has been involved in research and operational projects in the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribean during his affiliation with the World Bank since 1984. This enabled him to gain development knowledge and global perspectives through his many years of contributions to research, policy making, and projects aimed at economic development and poverty alleviation in World Bank client countries.