Spring Meeting on Thursday, March 31, 2011

(7  p.m.)

Image Media Services, Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA


  1. Report on the Current Socio-political Conditions in Korea – Chairman Jay Kim
  2. Prospect for the KORUS FTA Ratification by the US Congress
  3. Security Conditions on the Korea Peninsula
  4. Any Other Issues


Special Summer Meeting on Sunday, August 29, 2010 (5  p.m.)


  1. Approval of New Members of the Forum*
  2. Discussions on the KORUS FTA Prospect, Timeline and Strategy
  3. Any new issues raised by members

*CVs of the four candidates have been electronically distributed earlier.  The list of the four candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Mr. Ahn, Jae Kyoung, Chairman & CEO, HandySoft Global Corporation
  • Dr. Lee, Haeduck, Senior Economist, World Bank
  • Dr. David Y. Sohn, President & CEO, iGlobal University and Washington Global Academy
  • Mrs. Sue Shin-Vittas, President of the Korea Economic Society and Team Leader, IMF

Meeting Agenda

Monthly Meeting on Thursday, April 9, 2009, 6:30pm
Chairman Kim’s Residence at 1484 Broadstone Place, Vienna, VA
Phone: 703-821-8899


  1. Welcome the new Korean Ambassador, Dr. D.S. Han: Chairman Kim
  2. The Global Financial Crisis and the U.S. Economy – Professor Park
  3. Report on the KORUS-FTA Task Force – Dr. Chang Ahn
  4. Remarks by Ambassador D.S. Han
  5. Any new issues raised by members

Meeting Agenda
WKAF FTA Committee Meeting Minutes

Time: March 18, 2007 19:00 – 21:30
Place: Woo Lae Oak, Tysons Corner

As discussed during the March 13th monthly meeting, WKAF’s objectives on the KORUS-FTA related activities are:

  1. To contribute to the favorable US- Korea relationship via bilateral activities, according to the WKAF’s mission,
  2. To identify the Korean-American national organizations and local groups and to establish working relationships with them for the FTA and the future WKAF activities, and
  3. To promote awareness on the FTA in US.

According to the objectives, the Committee identified following assets:

  1. Congressional Network:
    Hon. Jay Kim, Mark Keam, Peter Kang
    US Chamber of Commerce KORUS-FTA Coalition (Dr. Chang Ahn)
    Korean American Bar Association: Capitol Hill staff members (H.C Park)

  2. Korean American Civil Organizations:
    LOKA (Dr. Lee, Yoon-Joo)
    KAC (Dr. Richard Shin)
    Korean American Chamber of Commerce
    Elected officers of Korean-American heritage (Chairman Kim)
    Local supporting groups of elected officers re: civil activity (Dr. S Paik)

  3. US Government
    USTR (Dr. Richard Shin)
    White House

  4. KORUS FTA support ads in major newspapers (Professor Y.S. Park)
    With these assets, the Committee agreed to recommend the following action items:

    1. Meeting with USTR

    2. Letter to the President Bush and individual Congressmen

      * Emphasize local/ state commercial interest/ benefits via KORUS trade
      * Petition by each district constituency: 1,000 signatures
      * Acquire updated support on each Congressman’s position on KORUS-FTA

    3. KORUS-FTA support ads in major newspapers (WP, WSJ, and/or NYT)
      * Obtain supports/endorsements from >300 economic professionals
      * Maximize the status of KEI (Professor Y.S. Park). KAEA (Professor K.S.    Cheong), Korean Professors Association (Dr. Y.K. Kim, Dr. H. Lee)
      * Raise funds for the ads ($50,000)

    4. KORUS FTA support rally/conference in DC

    5. Facilitating visits of US Congressional leaders to Korea
      * Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, Majority Whip, Chairs and    Ranking Members of the Ways and Means Committee and of Foreign Affairs    Committee.
      * Senate-Majority leader, Minority Leader, Chairs and Ranking Members of    Finance Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Committee concluded the meeting by finding that:
To achieve the Forum’s objectives on the KORUS FTA, all-out efforts of the forum are needed and every forum member should be involved in those efforts.